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#1 Mum Bag!

 2 In 1 Diaper bag with portable changing bed

 Deluxe pair of stroller straps

 Hypoallergenic changing pad

 Isothermal milk bottle holder

 Waterproof layers

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"Simply unzip and extend. That's all it takes to access the portable bassinet, perfect for your baby resting, or changing diapers anywhere!"

Not only you can carry your baby's everyday essentials in this smart diaper bag, but it also has an unbelievable secret: the back panel zips open to reveal an expandable baby bed/changing crib that sets up in seconds with two fold-up stabilizing rods. Instantly provide a clean, dry place to let your baby rest comfortably at your side or pull off a quick diaper change without worrying about germ-ridden public surfaces.

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